1-on-1 Personal Training in NYC

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Because providing accountability is an important part of what trainers do, clients imagine trainers as someone who will tell them what to do and pressure them to work harder. But the best trainers are all about listening. In addition to making sure you show up, they’ll find out what you like doing, and what you hate or find boring. And they’ll build unique workouts based on those preferences. All of our trainers are college educated, insured, and hold a variety of advanced certifications.

Training is both an art and a science. It’s the science of muscles, bones, and joints as well as the art of fluid, graceful movement. While many of us are former athletes who want to share the joy of fitness with others, we know that sounds completely foreign to some clients. We realize that many people are new to fitness, feel tight from hours of sitting at a desk, or are experiencing pain and stiffness due to injury. We don’t expect everyone to love working out, so we go at your pace.

1-on-1 Personal Training clients also benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of several staff members, not just the trainer they are working with. Before getting started with regular sessions, each client receives a thorough evaluation. Then one of our program design experts develops a customized plan for them. This typically includes a list of exercises, the order they’ll be performed in, how much resistance will be used for each exercise, and progressions to keep things doable but challenging over time.

Some clients choose to only workout with us; others choose a combination of Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Massage Therapy to improve posture, regain mobility, and speed recovery times. In that situation, the trainer and therapist would coordinate to ensure all of that client’s sessions work together synergistically.

For the ultimate level of convenience, our trainers can come to your home, or the gym in your apartment/condo building. This saves the time that otherwise would’ve been spent traveling to and from the gym. Most building gyms throughout Manhattan have an excellent selection of equipment, even if they are quite small. In the rare cases where the building gym’s equipment is limited, we can bring our own gear.

Session times are by appointment only. Because we do not run our own gym, we are able to give you the choice of a variety of upscale studios throughout Manhattan where we rent space on an hourly basis. Because they are locally owned (not chains), they pay more attention to detail and aren’t crowded. You never have to pay any gym membership fees! Our rates are the same, regardless if we come to your home or to a gym, so you can decide where you feel most comfortable.

If you’re wondering whether 1-on-1 Personal Training could be the best option for you, we invite you to a complimentary phone consultation with one of our trainers (typically 30 minutes to 1 hour). To have the most efficient use of your time on the call, we’ll ask you to fill out a health history and questionnaire (either on your computer/phone or on paper) a few days in advance. We will discuss your objectives, your health history, schedule and locations, and pricing. We’ll also be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

If by the end of the phone consultation you think 1-on-1 Personal Training isn’t a match for your needs, we will gladly refer you to another type of exercise program, or to one of the exceptional doctors or physical therapists we know. One the other hand, if the call has left you curious to try Personal Training, or eager to get started, we’ll schedule your introductory session at the location most convenient for you. After the session, you can let us know whether you’d like to start working with that trainer.

Locations - Housecalls and more: We do not have our own facility, so we see clients at various local studios throughout Manhattan:

How new clients get started:

  1. Email us to schedule a consultation
  2. Fill out health history and questionnaire (online or on paper)
  3. Get to know us with a complimentary phone consultation (30 min to 1 hour)
  4. Enjoy an in-person introductory session ($50)
  5. Sign up with us or allow us to refer you to something different, such as a traditional gym or PT
  6. Fitness assessment at your home/the gym of your choice
  7. Ongoing sessions
  8. Periodic reevaluations

Explore training for busy professionals, older adults, and Semi Private training classes.

Pre/Post-Rehab Fitness Packages

Fitness and Weight Loss Packages

General Fitness Packages

A la carte options

To get started with 1-on-1 Personal Training, email us. Or call: (914) 563-3026.

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