Healthy Grocery Store Tours in NYC

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Let us make it simple and doable for you! Instead of getting overwhelmed with technical details about grams of this and miligrams of that, we tell you just what you need to know to get results...and nothing more. (Unless you really want to know.)

Instead of focusing on unhealthy foods to give up, we focus on exciting new foods to add to your daily diet. It’s time to upgrade to higher quality, organic, great tasting ingredients!

Love to cook? Learn to make healthier versions of your favorite dishes.

Hate cooking and wish you could get in shape on nothing but takeout? We’ve got it covered.

Feeling lost trying to read nutrition facts labels? We’ll help you decode the jargon.

Healthy eating made easy!

All tours include a fun nutrition class, shopping, product samples to taste, and even a few healthy groceries to take home! Tours are limited to a maximum of 6 students to ensure you receive personal attention.

Every student begins with the Food Adventure Tour. After that, you can take as few or as many tours/classes as you like, in any order you choose. Many of our clients choose to do one store tour a month or every other month during personal training or small group personal training. Other tour topics include healthy snacks and desserts, gluten-free foods, heart healthy foods, vegetarian and vegan foods, shopping with food allergies, organic and local foods, and more.

Get started with Healthy Grocery Store Tours

Email the Store Tours Manager for more information. Or call us at (914) 563-3026.

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