Our Fitness and Wellness Philosophy

  1. Team approach: We collaborate with the referring physician or therapist to ensure we avoid contraindicated exercises and provide the best possible continuity of care. When possible, we will come in person to observe a client’s PT session. If a client is seeing multiple doctors, we try to speak with all of them. Internally, our trainers and massage therapists regularly communicate with each other on the client’s progress.
  2. Consistent experience: All our trainers use the same training method, interspersing strength moves with stretches. The opposite of “no pain, no gain,” we encourage clients to challenge themselves but stop when there is true pain.
  3. Healing environment: Rather than crowded chain gyms, we choose locally-owned studios with high quality functional training equipment. We also carefully choose music that suits the mood of each class, or the preferences of each private client.
  4. Fun, humor, and creativity: Far too many people view exercise as a “punishment” for being out of shape. We want to eradicate this idea! Many of our clients are older, new to fitness, or in pain—so they don’t all love to work out. But we try to make the programs varied and engaging. And all our clients genuinely look forward to the social interaction with the trainers and with fellow students.
  5. Time efficiency: Because many of our clients are busy professionals with limited time, we prioritize the most effective moves (i.e. full-body and multi-joint exercises). And with 1-on-1 Personal Training, we can save clients time traveling to and from the gym by sending a trainer to their condo/apartment building gym.
  6. Long-term focus: We are not preoccupied with the changes that occur in a week, but over a year or more. We care about how clients move and feel—their energy and confidence.
  7. Emphasis on daily activities: Our clients want to get back to playing with their dog, carrying groceries, and getting into and out of a cab. They want to continue living independently, working, traveling, volunteering, and keeping up with their kids and grandkids. They’re not here to look better on the beach.
  8. Never too late to get started: Our trainers and massage therapists have successfully worked with men and women of all ages—up to 90s! Regardless of age or workout experience, anyone can improve their fitness level.

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